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Katy Wilson

Progressive Property Trainer & Deal Packaging Expert. Founder of Katy Wilson Property, which is a property investment company. I love working with people just like you to help you take that step towards financial freedom. So you can have a life that you deserve and desire.

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Success after success.

From the hundreds of Deal Packagers we've personally trained at Progressive, the feedback is that this system is hands-down the fastest way to put cash in the bank!

So what IS Deal Packaging?

It's something you can pick up as a complete beginner, with lightning fast tools and resources that can help you quickly make it completely automated. Deal Packaging is a simple business that introduces investors to property deals. You find a deal, for an investor, and you take a fee.

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The trick to it is this...

You need a proven system you can use consistently, checklists and examples to work from, that you can ‘rinse & repeat,’ avoiding costly mistakes and save you time and money. And now I'm going to share MY system with YOU! So don't wait, claim your spot now! Will I see you there? Join me on Wednesday 24th April 2024 from 9 am to 1 pm for my LIVE training, taking place at the Progressive Training Suite in Peterborough.

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